Our services

GnousEU offers free and free to use services to all. These services are mostly open source and do not steal your precious personal data.

GnousToot toot.gnous.eu

Create your account on the alternative to centralized Twitter, Mastodon.

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Discord discord.gnous.eu

Exchange with the community on the famous American platform

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GnousTrix mtx.gnous.eu

Interact with an entire decentralized network at public or private trade fairs

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GnousGit git.gnous.eu

Share your open source code all over the internet and manage the tickets!

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GnousPaste haste.gnous.eu

Share text in an encrypted and time-limited way!

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GnousTube tube.gnous.eu

Share and view videos on PeerTube's decentralized network

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GnouSearch searx.gnous.eu

A search engine aggregator to protect your privacy

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GnousDownload ytb.gnous.eu

Download videos / audios from several public streaming platforms!

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Brouillard brouillard.gnous.eu

Host your data in the cloud

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GnousRSS rss.gnous.eu

Follow your favorite blogs and newspapers in one place with notifications!

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GnousBag bag.gnous.eu

Save an article to read it later like on Pocket !

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